Access to pain relief

Access to pain relief

One of OPIS's key areas of focus is promoting access to effective pain relief to those in need. Specifically, we are carrying out advocacy and education to help ensure that patients in moderate to severe pain can obtain morphine - an issue that affects millions of people in low- and middle-income countries, and is now also affecting the US as a result of the authorities' drastic response to the opioid crisis. The following are some tools and links:

• Our summary guide for education and advocacy "Ending the Agony: Access to Morphine as an Ethical and Human Rights  Imperative" (March 2018) in EnglishFrenchSpanish and Portuguese

• The press release in EnglishFrench and Spanish of our UN Human Rights Council expert panel event "Ending the Agony: Access to Morphine as an Ethical and Human Rights  Imperative", held on 14 March 2018 in Geneva, in partnership with International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies

A 4-minute video montage with highlights and key messages from our Human Rights Council expert panel event

An article by Jonathan Leighton from OPIS (May 2018): Why Access to Morphine is a Human Right

An interview by the Spanish news network "La Sexta" with Manu Herrán from OPIS about the opioid crisis in the US and how the misguided response is depriving patients with severe chronic pain of the medications they need

OPIS-IDHDP contribution to OHCHR report on implementation of UNGASS joint commitment re: world drug problem and human rights, May 2018


Jonathan Leighton of OPIS meeting with Dr. Martin Lankoande of Hospice Burkina during a working weekend in late September 2018 to discuss strategy for promoting access to morphine in Burkina Faso

For prospective donors: this document provides an analysis of the effectiveness of supporting projects to extend access to morphine, and why they could be among the  most cost-effective ways of relieving human suffering.


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