Compassionate Governance

The OPIS team is currently (as of late 2023) working on an ambitious project to research, write and widely disseminate a guide to compassionate governance and systemic change. The guide will tap into the findings from a range of disciplines and extract some of the key principles and ideas needed to shift towards a more cooperative, needs-based global decision-making system that values the wellbeing of all sentient beings. It will contain some core ethical principles and a vision for the future, propose rough blueprints for how we can better organise ourselves globally and a possible pathway to get there, and make a series of concrete policy prescriptions that would be an essential part of a compassionate governance system.

We also plan to draft a manifesto containing some of the guide’s key recommendations, solicit a large number of signatures and promote the manifesto widely. This project will include creative campaigns and PR events to spread the ideas and facilitate uptake.

This 3-page concept note provides the background thinking behind this project.