New OPIS page on coronavirus COVID-19: facts and self-care

8 March 2020

OPIS has created a new page that summarises key information about the new coronavirus, how to protect yourself and others, and what to do if you get infected. We also provide references with further information.

We do not want people to panic - this virus is not the apocalypse. However – contrary to the views of sceptics who see constant media coverage and large-scale quarantining and event cancellations as fear-mongering – it does represent a serious, imminent threat to the lives and wellbeing of many people. If the worst-case scenarios take place, this will mean a large number of people suffering and dying. Older and more vulnerable people do not deserve this fate because those less vulnerable consider themselves relatively safe. You can substantially reduce the risks to yourself and others by preparing and taking precautions.

Coronavirus COVID-19