OPIS collaboration with Hospice Burkina to promote access to morphine and palliative care in Burkina Faso

30 September 2018

Jonathan Leighton, Executive Director of OPIS, met at the end of September 2018 in Belgium with Dr. Martin Lankoande, an anaesthesiologist who recently established Hospice Burkina, the palliative care association of Burkina Faso. Dr. Lankoande has taken the initiative to ensure the incorporation of palliative care into the basic health plan and the availability of oral morphine to all those in need. Currently, very few of the many thousands of patients in severe pain every year in Burkina are able to obtain morphine to alleviate their pain. OPIS has been collaborating closely with Hospice Burkina since a few months ago. The next step is a national conference on the subject early next year that will promote concrete solutions to all the existing obstacles that have been identified. Within a few years, we hope that Burkina Faso will become a new west African success story in addressing one of the major sources of intense human suffering. More info here.

This document offers an analysis of how donations to support these activities might compare in effectiveness with other effective causes.