OPIS December 2022 Newsletter

15 December 2022

Our latest newsletter was just sent out. It contains:

  1. reflections on totalitarianism and powerful AI
  2. an update on our Burkina Faso collaboration: palliative care training and morphine production are moving forward
  3. an update on advocacy for access to psilocybin for cluster headaches
  4. the story of how ayahuasca had a dramatic effect in treating a patient we were supporting with a horrible neurological condition called SUNCT, and our success in publicising it
  5. a description of Jonathan Leighton's upcoming new book The Tango of Ethics: Intuition, Rationality and the Prevention of Suffering
  6. projects for the coming year focused on promoting compassionate governance, the tools we intend to produce, and the goal of inspiring people with our vision
  7. a request for support

It's available here: https://mailchi.mp/106e8af12947/opis-december-13469449